Liquor industry stakeholders including producers, suppliers, independent retailers, grocer chains and taverns have been required to agree to certain conditions in order for us to trade under alert level 3 as per the recently published regulations.

There are two documents:
DTIC Consultation: The document outlining what our trade committed to before the regulations were released is attached.
Operating Guidelines under alert level 3

The DTI has collaborated extensively with the industry in the last week, and the fact we have 32 hours to trade instead of the initially proposed 12 was a significant concession by them. In return they expect us to deliver on our promises to them.

As previously communicated to you on Wednesday 27 May, in the summary of our submission to DTI, I highlight the following points which must be complied with:

No retail liquor advertising other than displaying product and price instore and on websites during alert level 3.

Quantity limits
The retail industry will self-regulate in order to limit the quantity available for sale in any one transaction so as to support and promote responsible consumption.

The DTI have committed to a review process every three weeks and we will communicate any changes as they become relevant.